Build and Maintain High Availability and Cost-Optimized Wireless Inbuilding system

Design and Build WiFi , 5G, 4G, CBRS , IOT and Public Safety Systems


Design 5G networks for Enterprise and Private and industrial applications.

BLE 5.1

Design BLE advanced indoor positioning with Angle of Arrival

3D modeling

Build and View 3D building Models

Accurate Budgeting

Generate More accurate estimates with minimal input

Empirical Propagation

PLE with Radiation Patterns COST231 Multi-Wall Power Contours

Electro-Magnetic Ray-Tracing

Spatio-temporal Chanel Modelling. Pure EM Ray-tracing with no empirical parameters.

Measure and Validate

Import and validate propagation models using Channel sounders and standard transmitter test

Reports and Monitoring

Generate standard and Customized Reports and Keep an eye on live site performance.

Manage Deployment

Purpose built deployment and project management tools